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„Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about humanity through the child.“ Maria Montessori

Comments by John Murray, composer of the opera „The Tadpole Princess“

 Thank you to my European colleagues. Isn’t it funny that at a time when some politicians are desperately trying to tear Europe apart it is the children who are trying to hold it together.

Apparently only the adults and the bigoted and xenophobic have a view on the future of the united nations of Europe. Only their view can be expressed, only their voices can be heard. They seem to scream the same distorted mantra: We know what is best. We know what the future of Europe should be and, even though we ourselves shall be dead and buried, we know what is best for our children. WE shall decide our children’s future. WE, the ageing populace of today, will determine the sort of world our children should inherit! It is our right!

The children in this short video clip are from five different European countries. They do not know each other yet they came together this week to learn about unity and the importance of saving our damaged planet, our fractured world and also to sing and despite not being able to speak the languages of their young colleagues they still sang with one voice! Listen to them please. Unlike some of our egotistical and attention- seeking politicians they just MIGHT have something worth listening to!

Has ANYONE thought of seeking the view of the child? Have the great and the good stopped talking, stopped shouting even for a moment to ask what our children might be thinking?

„I may be small, you may not notice me,
And when I speak you may not hear.
But I shall grow and one day you shall see.
I’ll speak my mind and have no fear.“

And to all the depressing doom mongers, separatists and populists out there who to destroy and lay waste the concept of a peaceful and united Europe I say this: listen to the voice of the child; take heed of the one who will be the future.
“ I have a voice and I shall use it. I have a message that I need to share…“



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