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Preparation of the 2nd Erasmus-Mobility – or: The preparation of the marriage of music and biology

Today we had a meeting with all students, which join the Erasmus-Project “Opera connect Europe” at our school in Wittenberge. Together we listened to the music of our great composer John Murray. We talked about the character of the songs and feelings, which arise by listening to the songs. We discussed about the right place in the opera and also, who would be able to sing this song, later in the opera. And also, who might be able to play an instrument, to have a solo and so on.

We also talked about the 2ndErasmus-Mobility in Spain, especially the plans for this meeting. Peter presents the idea of the biological workshops there, about tadpoles and frogs and the circumstances, witch they need to survive. John Murray wants to present all the melodies and songs of the opera during this meeting. The children will sing and dance very often in this time to get the right feeling for the songs and their part in the opera. We are very excited about the songs and we are really locking forward to get the texts and the notes.

Already on April the 8thwe will have a biological workshop about frogs and tadpoles at our school. Students of the 7thand 8thgrade prepared it. On this day they will slip into the role of a teacher and they will explain the tasks to their younger schoolmates. The work and the results should be a good preparation for the workshop in Spain. Surely it would be an interesting and also funny day: the students will learn and also dance!


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