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Genehmigung – „Opera connect Europe“

Wir freuen uns auf zwei spannende Jahre:)!

The Tadpole Princess – An Opera for Children


  • To write and produce an opera/music drama for children from different EU countries to be performed by 2020 in a venue to be decided and agreed upon.
  • To use music as the common language of all who take part and to show that the techniques used in the teaching of music can transcend international boundaries and stereotypes.
  • To help further develop and to highlight the relevance of the teaching of modern foreign languages (MFL) in the schools of participating countries by encouraging both teachers and students to be made aware of the necessity of acquiring a working knowledge of MFL; to develop their own language skills by learning some of the language of other schools taking part and – more importantly – to see the importance of taking ownership of their own MFL development.( In an ideal world we want students to be active and hungry participants in the learning process; hungry for knowledge and hungry for progress and success!)
  • To show that teaching and learning processes used in music can be transferrable skills which both staff and students can apply to other subjects in the school curriculum.
  • To encourage students to take pride in and ownership of their own learning process.
  • To encourage staff and students to develop the concept that learning is a lifelong process.
  • To encourage staff and students to develop and adopt the concept that learning does not just take place in the classroom.
  • To encourage staff to see themselves not just as teachers but also as “lead learners”: those who must actively lead and be seen to lead the learning process.

What is the Story Behind the Opera?

The plot is based on a true story. A little girl in Turkey once found a small pond full of tadpoles (baby frogs). She and her friends visited the pond each day to watch the tadpoles grow and develop. One day the children discovered that the pond was about to be destroyed due to a new building development that was about to take place. The children were deeply upset to think that the tadpoles that they had watched and cared for would be killed so they decided to rescue the tadpoles by catching them in buckets and carrying them to another nearby pond.

This account was told to me by that same little girl whom I first met in Istanbul in 2011 except that the little girl is now an adult and an education psychologist. I have taken the essence of this story and developed it as the plot for the children’s opera. In my opera I have decided to add a twist, a problem: the builders, property developers and financial backers of the project are very powerful and will not listen to anything the children say. They are also corrupt and this fact is discovered by the children.

John C Murray. Opera project, 2017


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