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Die Einheit von Bewegung und Bildung:)

„This education of movement goes right to the roots of my system of education…It follows that if we learn first through practice, there is movement in all our lessons–but it is controlled movement because the children are always working towards the mastery of a set of movements. Therefore, they are behaving in the active way natural to children and learning at the same time.

This is the new education of movement, and in a child’s home life the same principles should apply. The child who has to sit still listening to a teacher is in the worst possible state of mind and body for learning. Likewise, the child whose life at home is strictly ordered according to the convenience of grown-ups without knowledge or consideration of the natural movement and active interest of childhood is in the worse possible state of mind and body, either for obedience or good manners.

The child who is handling specially designed materials at school, the child at home who is allowed to dress himself, help lay the table, in fact carry on the hundred and one activities that interest him and harm nobody, is in reality busily at work on his development–and the method of his learning is through movement.“

Maria Montessori, Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents (pgs. 32-34).

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